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“Bold, brave, undaunted”: James Connolly’s socialist legacy

On May 12 1916, a fatally wounded James Connolly was brought by military ambulance to Kilmainham Jail and was later that day carried by stretcher to the courtyard of the prison. Unable to stand to face a firing squad after a bullet had shattered his ankle during the fighting of Easter week, he was strapped to a chair and shot. ...

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The 1916 Rising- Lessons for today

Below is the edited text of an article on the 1916 rising that appears in the latest edition of “The Socialist”, the monthly paper of the Socialist Party. We will be producing a lengthier analysis of this period of Irish history in a forthcoming booklet.  By Cillian Gillespie This weekend will mark the centenary of the Easter 1916 rising against ...

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The real ideas of James Connolly

The following article was written by Peter Hadden (who sadly passed away in May 2010) on the 90th anniversary of the Easter Rising and death of James Connolly. The article explores Connolly’s socialist ideas and analysis and his role as a workers leader and socialist organiser in Scotland, the US and Ireland. IN 1910 JAMES CONNOLLY concluded his pamphlet, Labour, ...

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