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Mental health crisis and the system

By Michael Shields In Ireland and across the world, people are grappling with a mental health crisis. According to Mental Health Ireland’s most recent figures, one in 12 Irish people are affected by depression, and one in 10 children experience mental health problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates there are 300 million people living with depression worldwide, 23 million ...

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Mental health services at breaking point

By Mary Cahillane Mental health services in Ireland are at breaking point. Decades of cutbacks and austerity, with no additional funding, have stretched services to their limits, and many areas have no services at all. The whirr of the search and rescue helicopter over the River Shannon in Limerick City strikes fear into people who have family or friends struggling ...

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Capitalism: A failing system

A new book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth, analyses the downward course of the US economy – and the limits of the whole capitalist system. From the boom years to today’s slow growth and stagnant wages, the obscene wealth at the top and company cash piles, to capitalism’s inability to harness new technology fully. It all points to ...

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