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Governments Seize On COVID-19 to Extend State Powers

By Stephen Boyd, International Socialist Alternative The Economist (3/28/2020) has described it as “the most dramatic extension of state powers since the second world war.” Across the globe governments have implemented draconian legislation akin to that of police states under the pretext of protecting society from the COVID-19 virus. For many the global lockdown has been implemented brutally. In the ...

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COVID-19: No attacks on democratic rights

By James McCabe Across the globe, governments are introducing sweeping curtailments of basic democratic rights in the name of tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. In some countries this has even led to the “temporary” dissolution of parliament. Many governments have thankfully, if belatedly, enforced the closure of non-essential businesses. At the same time, many have banned public gatherings and given the ...

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Coronavirus crisis – Say no to attacks on democratic rights

By Mick Barry TD    The Health (Preservation and Protection and Other Emergency Measures in the Public Interest) Bill 2020 allows for the most drastic curtailments of civil liberties in the history of the State. The Bill gives the State powers to detain people who refuse to self-isolate, quarantine entire areas, ban house parties, ban public gatherings etc. The banning ...

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