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Where will Mary Lou McDonald lead Sinn Féin?

By Kevin McLoughlin When it looked as if there could be an immediate general election last November, any fanfare of farewell for Gerry Adams was shelved, as McDonald became the effective leader. Pearse Doherty and Michelle O’Neill ruling themselves out means there is no question of who will lead the party. While there may be a change in style under ...

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Sinn Féin’s rightward shift continues

By Cillian Gillespie It would appear that the scandal surrounding the smearing of Maurice McCabe has drastically undermined the fate of this already weak Fine Gael minority government. The possibility of an election before the end of 2017 has increased substantially. Such an election takes place against the backdrop of increasing industrial unrest, as it is clear that the expectations ...

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Sinn Féin’s message fails to inspire

By Finghín Kelly Many of those voting Sinn Féin in the recent election did so in the belief that the party represented a challenge to the status quo and the establishment. After the election Gerry Adams even made the claim that Sinn Féin were “the main party representing working people”. Accepting neo-liberalism In the debate about ‘fiscal space’ Sinn Féin ...

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Can Sinn Féin deliver for the 99%?

By Laura Fitzgerald Unfortunately, despite Sinn Féin signing up to the Right2Change initiative that gives a different appearance, Sinn Féin are in fact moderating their rhetoric as they come closer to power in a rightward shift. Not only is Sinn Féin’s record on water charges weak with its continued refusal to advocate non-payment of the water charges, Sinn Fein have ...

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Working class people need a government that puts the 99% first

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s decision to hold the general election in spring 2016 is in part an attempt to give the Labour Party some breathing space. All it will actually achieve is a delay in the inevitable retribution from working class people who will deliver a major blow to Labour for their betrayals come the election. In the run into to ...

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