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Bolivia: No to the coup!

Fight the right-wing and imperialism throughout Latin America By Liberdade, Socialismo e Revolução – LSR (our sister organisation in Brazil) On Sunday afternoon (10 November,) Bolivian President, Evo Morales, and Vice President, Alvaro Garcia Linera, announced their resignation from their positions in a process that can only be characterized as an ultra-right wing coup d’état backed by landowners, the military ...

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Bolivia, April 2000: Uprising defeats water privatisation

By Manus Lenihan “I want to denounce the subversive attitude [which is] absolutely politically financed by narcotraffickers, who aim to destabilize the constitutional democratically elected government.” These words were spoken in response to water charge protests, but they did not come from the mouth of some Fine Gael backbencher or posh journalist. Irish anti-water charge protesters have been compared to ...

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