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Climate changes creates raging fires and red skies in Australia

By Gary McDonald  The current situation in Australia is a frightening glimpse of our future. The catastrophic effects of climate change that scientists have been warning about for decades are coming to fruition right before our very eyes. Beginning unusually early in September 2019, this bushfire season has marked the ushering-in of a whole new terrifying climate reality particularly for ...

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Australia: Climate inaction and budget cuts fuel devastating bushfires

By Jeremy Trott, Socialist Action (our sister organisation in Australia) Australia is in the grip of an extreme bushfire crisis. Record-breaking heat waves and months of drought have created the conditions for massive blazes across the country. The scale of the fires is unprecedented, affecting every state on the continent. They are the largest bushfires ever recorded in Australia. At the ...

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Australia: Massive YES vote to marriage equality

Thousands of people gathered around the country this morning to watch the ABS chief statistician announce the results of the Australian marriage law postal survey. There was a huge turnout with 79.5% of eligible participants returning their surveys. Of those, 61.6% voted ‘yes’, in favour of marriage equality! That is 7,817,247 people in support of equal rights! All eight states ...

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