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Jobstown trial: Organise to oppose criminalisation of protest

By Katia Hancke Two years ago, many working class communities ravaged by austerity demonstrated enough was enough and got out on the streets against water charges. One such community was Jobstown in Tallaght, where a spontaneous protest inconvenienced Joan Burton for a few hours. The establishment media jumped on this and tried to demonise those involved as a “dangerous fringe”. ...

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Working class people need a government that puts the 99% first

Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s decision to hold the general election in spring 2016 is in part an attempt to give the Labour Party some breathing space. All it will actually achieve is a delay in the inevitable retribution from working class people who will deliver a major blow to Labour for their betrayals come the election. In the run into to ...

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What kind of Left challenge is needed?

By Kevin McLoughlin Working class people made the demonstration of 11 October last year a historic event. They mobilised themselves and changed the political situation in the whole country and in so doing they propelled Right2Water to a prestigious position of being a key convenor for this new movement. Incredibly within months in another historic mobilisation, the working class has ...

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Desperate Measure cannot defeat Boycott campaign

Debt collection legislation related to fines rather than water charges No fines or attachment orders until after General Election- boycott can force abolition Landlords opposed to becoming debt collectors for Irish Water The Anti-Austerity Alliance has responded to media reports about new legislation in relation to debt collection: Paul Murphy TD said “This proposed legislation is not the game changer ...

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Ruth Coppinger calls for end to interception of abortion pills

Parliamentary Question included below  Anti-Austerity Alliance TD, Ruth Coppinger, has today called on the government and Customs to “stop adding to the misery of women in crisis pregnancies by intercepting abortion pills they have ordered and paid for online.” Speaking after figures were released by the Department of Health in response to a Parliamentary Question on the number of ‘abortion pills’ seized by the ...

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