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The War of Independence, The Working Class & the Struggle for Socialism

By Kevin McLoughlin, first published in December 2016 in the Socialist Party’s book Ireland’s Lost Revolution, The Working Class and the Struggle for Socialism The 1916 Rising was the start of a revolutionary process that engulfed the whole of Ireland, North and South, for a number of years, in which the working-class movement reached a level of unity and political ...

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“Bold, brave, undaunted”- The Life & Ideas of James Connolly

5 June 2018 will mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of James Connolly. The following article was originally written for the Socialist Party’s publication “Ireland’s Lost Revolution 1916-1923- The Working Class and The Struggle for Socialism” in 2016. We are also reprinting an extract from an article from the same book “A Stand Against Imperialism and War” by Kevin McLoughlin ...

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