Christmas Raffle 2020!

This year has been one of unprecedented crisis – the coronavirus crisis, economic crisis, political crisis, social crisis and the continuing climate crisis – in which building organisations for socialist change never been more urgent.

The Socialist Party tirelessly fights to agitate for struggle and advance the interests of women, young people, workers and the oppressed, demonstrated this year alone via the Workers’ Speakout online forum, our crucial role in the Debenhams dispute, anti-racist youth campaigns, socialist feminist protests against the collusion of Church and State and in solidarity with the Polish pro-choice revolt, and much much more, despite the pandemic.

We don’t take a single cent from businesses and are instead funded by our members and supporters. A €10 raffle ticket provides vital support for us and a chance for a cash prize for you – just in time for Christmas!

Thank you for supporting the Socialist Party! Good luck in the draw!

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