Theory & History

The tragedy of Rwanda 1994

Twenty years ago, nearly a million people were massacred in Rwanda. At the time, it went largely unreported. But it was a direct legacy of a century of colonial rule – the French state, under ‘socialist’ president, François Mitterrand, complicit in the genocide.

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Irish State – an impartial force for good?

The litany of allegations from whistle blower Maurice McCabe have exposed the rotten nature of the Gardai and the state generally. They illustrate a culture of corruption, cover ups and falsification of evidence and in turn demonstrate that there is little interest in the concept of justice by those who run this country.

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International Women’s Day 2014

For more than a century, 8 March has been known as International Women’s Day - the day to commemorate and celebrate the struggles of working and poor women against exploitation at work, in society and at home. Over the years, however, its meaning has been distorted.

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Commemorating the 95th anniversary of the death of Rosa Luxemburg

"She was always ready to take up the cause of the suffering and the oppressed; she felt doubly every blow that fell on others. The deepest sympathy with all those who were humiliated or wronged was the mainspring of her active life and was vibrant in her every word, even her loftiest theoretical abstractions." - Paul Froelich, Luxemburg's colleague and biographer.

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The Euro – exit stage Left?

It hasn’t gone away, you know. Although much of the media and political commentary would suggest otherwise, the eurozone crisis is very far from resolved. The economies on the periphery of Europe all face deep economic crisis, the burden for which has been heaped upon working class and poor people, with the devastating social consequences seen at their most extreme in Greece.

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