Prison reform urgently needed

The resignation of Governor of the Women’s Prison, the Dochas Centre, Kathleen McMahon at the end of April, followed by the announcement of John Lonregan, Mountjoy Governor that he is stepping down from his position has given a glimpse of the massive problems in the Irish prison service.

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Democrats pass Health Care Bill – But is this a reason to celebrate?

There is a palpable feeling of euphoria that extends beyond Washington over the passage of what is known as the Obama Health Care bill in the House of Representatives. The US Health Care Act passed with a narrow majority of 219-212 with not a single Republican vote in favor – despite Obama’s and the Democrats’ efforts to make the bill as attractive as possible to the conservative Republican base.

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Pension age hike – No to private pension scam!

"The obscene notion of people being forced to work, particularly in physically or mentally stressful jobs, until the age of 68 before they can retire is an obscenity. Mary Hanafin complains that we are living too long. Well there is no better way to shorten the lives of building workers, teachers and so on than prolonging their working lives" – Joe Higgins MEP.

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