#TeachDontPreach: Protests demand proper sex education

By Andrea Murray On May 28, parents of children who attend Castleknock Educate Together National School staged a protest at the school’s continuing use of Catholic marriage agency Accord to deliver Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) to fifth and sixth class students. Accord was set up in 1962 by Catholic bishops and is clearly biased in their direction. Educate together ...

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Protest Against Cuts to SNAs

A protest is being organised by the Alliance Against Cuts in Education (ACE) on September 14th at 4pm outside the Dail, to protest the cuts in SNAs and Resource Teachers.

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No more conciliation we need opposition!

Since 2008, secondary school teachers and their students have been under attack and made into one of the scapegoats for the woes of society by the government and the media. Net wages have been savagely cut by up to 25%, work load has been drastically increased, class sizes have been detrimentally increased, funding for special needs obliterated, ill discipline within ...

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Socialist Youth says: Fight for free education!

Make the super rich pay

Young people are being hammered by this Government. A generation of youth is being screwed with footing the bill for the reckless greed of the super-rich. In this morass of bank bailouts, cutbacks and mass unemployment, the basic right to education is now under serious threat!

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Shameful attack on autistic children

New proposals from the Department of Education will drastically undermine the education of children with autism in Ireland’s specialist Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) schools according to concerned parents and ABA tutors.

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Education for all!

Education cuts show that the government is willing to do anything to ensure that their friends, the wealthy elite who caused this crisis, get a bailout even if it means that thousands of young people will not receive the opportunity of a full and comprehensive education. Many third level institutions are at crisis point due to underfunding, lay-offs and cuts to classes.

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Greens: No Fees – Cuts and Nama instead

In the new programme for government, the Green Party ruled out the reintroduction of college fees – but this is in reality a thin cover for the absolutely rotten deal for students, workers and young people that the craven and power-hungry Greens have signed up to.

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