Capitalism: Burning the planet for profit

By Keishia Taylor Who causes the climate crisis? Twenty five companies are responsible for more than half of the entire world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988! In a greenwashing frenzy, companies are falling over themselves to create an image of sustainability and tackling climate change, while acting in the interests of profit, not our planet. We need to take the ...

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Free public transport – not BusConnects

By Kieran Mahon With the overdue second round of proposed Bus Connects route changes due out in September the emphasis will again come on workers and communities to organise and defend jobs and public transport services. The initial Bus Connects proposals received short shrift in working-class communities across Dublin. It was correctly identified as a fast track to more privatisations, ...

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Can the US and China end their trade war?

Trump’s “easy to win” trade war drags on despite intensive efforts to make a deal The US-China trade war began in July 2018, with the imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports by President Trump’s government and immediate tit-for-tat retaliation by China. This is the biggest trade war since the 1930s and is increasingly taking its toll on the global economy. ...

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Damning report on inequality

By Diana O’Dwyer A new report by TASC shows that Ireland has the worst ‘market income’ inequality in the EU before tax and social welfare. – The top one percent of households receive ten percent of wages, profits and rents, or €373,000 on average. – The top ten percent receive a third of market income and own 42-58% of wealth. ...

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Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century – Thomas Picketty

The serious strategists of capitalism vaguely recognise that the future of capitalism is threatened by growing inequality. When the head of the IMF and the governor of the Bank of England join in the chorus demanding 'something should be done' or 'stability' will be threatened, it is clear that fear of strikes, revolt and revolution is growing among society's elite.

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