Workers’ Rights

Union-busting at Tesco

By Robert Cosgrave Tesco, one of the largest private sector employers in Ireland, is continuing their campaign to undermine Mandate – the trade union organising Tesco workers. They are refusing to engage with the Labour Court, and attempting to deny their workers union representation. This is another phase in the ongoing campaign by Tesco, over the last few years, to ...

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A crucial battle: NASRA workers must not stand alone

By Katia Hancke On 19 July, ambulance workers across the country organised in Nasra, a branch of the PNA, are once again going on strike. This is the eighth day of strike action these workers have to engage in – to win the right to be represented by the union of their choice and the right to engage in collective ...

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Capitalism & Period Poverty

By Ingrid Doyle For a growing number of women, trans and gender non-conforming people, periods are not just a biological annoyance, they are also a crippling financial burden. For many; young people, lone parents, those subjected to homelessness and those living in direct provision, period poverty is a reality. A survey carried out by PLAN International last year, showed that ...

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