Covid-19 Pandemic

Stock Market Freefall as Fears of Recession Mount

By Daniel Waldron The collapse on the world’s stock exchanges on 9 March was the largest since the beginning of the global capitalist crisis in 2008. The fall on the US stock market at opening time was so severe that it led to a technical trade stoppage after just five minutes. The main reason for the global stock market crashes ...

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Coronavirus and the system

By Michael O’Brien We are at a point now where official estimates in Ireland predict that there will be hundreds of cases of Coronovirus detected within weeks.  This is an issue with implications for public health, workers rights, but also one with domestic global economic and political ramifications. At the time of writing, arresting the spread has necessitated the closure ...

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Coronavirus and Capitalism — a Lethal Mix

The novel coronavirus which causes the disease covid-19 is still spreading rapidly, with 90,000 confirmed cases and over 3,000 deaths. The epidemic is now advancing more quickly outside China than inside the country, if the Chinese regime’s official announcements are to be believed. The daily increase in infections in South Korea has overtaken those in China. The biggest overseas US ...

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