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Burton’s shameful attack on lone parents

By Fiona O’Loughlin From July 30,000 lone parents will no longer qualify for One Parent Family Allowance with many losing up to €80 per week as they are switched to Jobseekers Allowance. Stigmatising lone parents Burton and Co are spinning this cut as some kind of charitable feminist gesture to encourage women back into the workforce .The implication being that ...

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Review: Vessel

By Fiona O’Loughlin The documentary film Vessel, screened by ROSA in December, is an inspiring account of the development of Women on Waves and Women on Web. It charts how a group of women led by Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, endeavoured to provide abortions to women who lived in states that banned or restricted abortions. They wished to create a space ...

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Workers’ struggles around the globe

2013 ended and 2014 began with a number of significant struggles of the working class around the world. These workers are reaching conclusions that they will have to take to the streets and fight for a future for themselves and their families. They are aware that in the drive to increase profits the market system will drive down their wages and living standards for them and their families

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