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One Year of Obama – What Has Changed?

One year ago, millions of Americans were in the streets cheering the election of Obama as the end of Republican policies and the start of a new era. How quickly these hopes have been dashed. One year after Obama’s election, it’s hard to identify one positive achievement of his presidency.

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Hong Kong: 30,000 march against fake democracy

The first day of 2010 saw Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement hit the ground running. On 1 January the crowds of demonstrators exceeded the organisers' expectations, in a massive protest setting the tone for what could be an explosive political year in Hong Kong – and China. Instead of the 10,000 hoped for, 30,000 took part.

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Global capitalism’s enduring crisis

The dominant feature confronting the world working class and poor is the enduring economic crisis of world capitalism. There is no easy or quick exit for capitalism from the worst economic calamity to confront it since the 1930s.

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