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Read The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, written 75 years ago, is one of the most celebrated books of the twentieth century, and with great reason. It details the harrowing struggle for survival in a period of depression and scarcity in 1930's US.

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No end in sight to conflict over parades

Fierce rioting took place in several areas of Belfast and Newtownabbey over the 12th weekend. The rioting began when the PSNI enforced a Parades Commission ruling that an Orange Order parade should not be allowed to pass the Ardoyne shops on its return from the main 12th demonstration.

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New Book: Let us Rise!

This period is rich in lessons for working class people today. The struggle waged in 1913 is a beacon that can shine a bright light on the way forward, if its lessons are fully absorbed. Rather than a simple retelling of the story of the Lockout this book has been produced by the Socialist Party with a number of particular ...

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Take the fight against austerity on to the political field

In the immediate period after the passing of the Property Tax registration deadline in May, and what for most areas could be months or even over a year before the installation of water meters takes place, there is a challenge facing all local campaigns which fought household and property taxes as to how to maintain themselves for the future battles.

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US: Zimmerman acquitted – the racist system is guilty!

How many more Trayvons will be killed and how many more Zimmermans will walk free before something is done? A black man is killed every 28 hours in the U.S. by a cop or a vigilante. One thing is certain beyond a shadow of a doubt, we can have no faith in the courts or the American justice system as a whole. Only we have to power to change anything.

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Review: The Frontman – Bono (In the Name of Power)

Harry Browne’s searing polemic against Bono should be of some interest to socialists, particularly those sections of the book where Browne elaborates on Bono’s labyrinthine business affairs and crucially his role in espousing neo-liberal ideology on a global stage.

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