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Local & Euro Elections 2019: Green Surge & Lacklustre Performance for Political Establishment

A very significant surge for the Greens, huge loss of seats for Sinn Fein, and losses for the Left were the headline stories of Local and European Elections May 2019. While the elections absolutely did not represent any ringing endorsement for the Government or political establishment, the combination of the impact of a late Greens surge, and a low turnout amongst the harder pressed sections of the working class, impinged significantly on the Left’s vote.

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Sudan: Counter-revolution rears its ugly head

By Serge Jordan, Committee for a Workers’ International (the international socialist organisation the Socialist Party in Ireland is affiliated to)  On Monday June 3 before dawn, the military regime and its thugs brutally dispersed the sit-in which had been camping outside the military headquarters in Sudan’s capital Khartoum since April 6, and which had served as the focal point for ...

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“Our Union, Our Choice”- Interview with Tony Gregg, NASRA Branch Secretary

Thanks for talking to The Socialist, Tony. On the 31 May we saw the seventh day of strike action of ambulance workers organised by NASRA. What is the dispute about and what is its significance? The dispute is essentially about workers’ right to choose the union that represents them rather than the bosses or employers choosing their representation for them. Up ...

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Ban fur farming now!

By Oisín Kelly Fur farming is widely recognised a cruel and barbaric practice, with Veterinary Ireland recently joining the call for a ban on fur farming in Ireland. Fur farming is inherently cruel as it involves keeping wild animals such as mink in cages despite them being naturally solo hunters and semi-aquatic. Solidarity TDs and Socialist Party members will have ...

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China: 30 years since Tiananmen massacre

Anniversary of June 4 Beijing massacre set to draw record numbers at Hong Kong vigil Dikang, Today marks the 30th anniversary of the gruesome massacre in Beijing by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the orders of China’s top leaders. China was in the throes of a revolutionary mass movement. The mass demonstrations that burst out in April 1989 ...

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Brutal attack on abortion rights in the US

By Keely Mullen, Socialist Alternative (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Ireland)  In late May, the Republican-controlled Alabama Legislature passed, and the governor signed, a near complete ban on abortion. This is now the most restrictive state law on abortion in the country since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973. This Alabama bill makes abortion illegal at any ...

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