Monthly Archives: August 2018

Argentina: The struggle for bodily autonomy

Maria Clara Ferreira from our sister organisation in Brazil reports from Buenos Aires, Argentina where a mass movement with hundreds of thousands on the streets (partly inspired by the repeal victory in Ireland) has developed for bodily autonomy. The women’s movement in Argentina has a proud history of unity in action to fight to legalizing abortion. It was this struggle which ...

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Israel/Palestine: Opposing Israeli government’s “Nationality Law”

Article by Yasha Marmer, member of Socialist Solidarity Movement, our sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Israel/Palestine, about the protests against the racist Israeli government’s new “Nationality Law”, which declares “the right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people”.  Impressively, despite government backed hostility and incitement, 20,000-30,000 demonstrators marched on Saturday, 11 ...

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Making history: First Trans Pride takes place in Dublin

By Thomas White, organiser of Trans Pride On 28 July, Dublin had its first annual Trans Pride. It was organised from the beginning as a grassroots protest by and for Trans people. It sought to bring Pride back to its radical roots as a protest movement. It rejected the corporate veneer that suffocates most Pride events, with companies that carry ...

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Solidarity with Summerhill Occupation

The following article was written by Socialist Party members William Foley and Robert Cosgrave who have participated in the Summerhill occupation. Since the night of 7 August, housing activists have been occupying apartments on Summerhill Parade owned by slum landlords, Pat and PJ O’Donnell. A banner hanging from an upstairs window declares: “Homes For All.”. In a week where pictures ...

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