Monthly Archives: April 2018

100 years on: When working class power defeated conscription

April 2018 marks the one hundredth anniversary of a historic general strike in Ireland. Cillian Gillespie looks at the events of this strike and the revolutionary potential that existed in this movement to unite workers north and south.  23 April 1918 was a decisive day in the history of the working-class movement in Ireland. In the words of the self-proclaimed ...

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Misogyny, sexism & capitalism in the dock

The outcome of the Belfast rape trial saw an explosion of spontaneous demonstrations in every major city in Ireland bringing to the surface opposition to the culture of sexism and victim blaming in the legal system and society generally. It comes against the backdrop of the historic referendum to repeal the 8th amendment in the south and the emergence of ...

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Will the Agreement bring peace?- first published May 1998

The following article was first published in Socialism 2000, the precursor of Socialist Alternative, in the immediate aftermath of the signing of the Good Friday Agreement that was signed 20 years ago today.  By Peter Hadden Around the world the Good Friday Agreement may have been trumpeted as an “historic compromise”, an “exercise in reconciliation” and a “step to a final ...

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