Monthly Archives: December 2017

Catalan elections: Historic defeat for Spanish State reaction

Article by Esquerra Revolucionaria, the Socialist Party’s sister organisation in Catalonia   The Catalan elections on 21 December were a massive defeat for the Spanish nationalist “block of article 155” and an even bigger blow to this block’s main force, the PP party. The capitalist media try to minimise the magnitude of this defeat by talking about the “victory” of Ciudadanos ...

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Sharp rise in mental health problems

By Shane Finnan In the wake of the global financial crash in 2008, Mark Fisher – a socialist academic – commented on the “mental health plague” that exists in neo-liberal capitalist society. In a society where the primary ideology is built on a foundation of ruthless self-interest, individualization and profiteering, arising from an economic system that is characterized by a ...

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Fitzgerald resigns, government exposed

At the end of November, the Fine Gael minority government came close to collapse following further revelations about the machinations and web of intrigue surrounding the scandal of Garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe. More information has come out of the attempts by the institutions of the Irish state to smear and discredit him. As well as bringing Ireland to the brink ...

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