Monthly Archives: June 2017

Elections in the North: A socialist and labour alternative is needed

The stunning electoral upset delivered by Jeremy Corbyn on the basis of a radical, left platform has had an electrifying impact and is potentially a historic turning point. He has engaged a new generation of youth in politics and smashed the lie that socialist policies are unpopular. In contrast, predictions that the snap general election in Northern Ireland would be ...

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Britain: Grenfell Tower fire – Whole Establishment exposed

From the editorial of “The Socialist”, newspaper of the Socialist Party in England and Wales As more details emerge and the death toll rises, it becomes clearer and clearer what a terrible disaster this is. The fire spread with horrifying speed and witnesses describe heart-breaking scenes as people desperately tried to escape. It is a huge tragedy for the immediate ...

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Britain: After elections, May and the Tories must go!

Theresa May’s failed election gamble is a nightmare for the capitalist class in Britain. Seven weeks ago most of Britain’s elite were hopeful that May would succeed in dramatically increasing the number of Tory MPs, thereby buttressing her government to be able to weather the storms of economic crisis, to carry out vicious austerity against the majority in society and to implement ...

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Britain: London terror attack

Less than two weeks after the horrific Manchester bombing another atrocity has taken place, this time on London Bridge and in Borough Market. Seven people, out enjoying a summer Saturday night in London, were killed, with at least 48 more injured. The Socialist Party completely condemns this terrible attack. Like Manchester and so many other similar incidents in Britain and ...

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Britain: Mobilise for a mass movement after general election

The closing of the opinion polls, even after the horrific Manchester bombing, has confounded all wings of the capitalist establishment. The Blairites in Labour are a key part of this coalition and they are just as terrified of the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn being declared prime minister on 9 June. The Socialist Party has been an active participant in the ...

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Britain: How can Corbyn’s programme be implemented?

By Alistair Tice, Socialist Party (England and Wales) Theresa May-hem attacks Jeremy Corbyn for his “nonsensical economic… mismanagement.” This is a bit rich after Tory work and pensions secretary Damian Green admitted: “Our manifesto is not un-costed, we just haven’t costed it yet”! Seven-times Tory treasury secretary David Gauke failed to say how they would fund the NHS! But if ...

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