Monthly Archives: September 2016

Fighting for repeal & right to choose – what next?

By Laura Fitzgerald The March for Choice on 24 September is a crucial event in the fight for abortion rights. The fact it’s a march for choice, rather than a march for a tweaking of the 8th amendment, or a repealing of the 8th amendment to be followed by restrictive legislation that precludes actual rights, is important. Growing momentum The ...

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Extortionate rents fuel housing crisis

By Clodagh Troelstra Heffernan Figures in the latest report have shown that the ever increasing rent prices set by profit-driven landlords has seen a 39% increase in rents since 2011. According to the report, the average price of rent nationwide is €1,037. Rents in Dublin in particular have reached extortionate levels, with prices now at an average of 5.2% ...

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A referendum is a real citizens’ assembly

Irish politics this summer has been dominated by the widespread and ever more vocal outcry for Repeal of the 8th Amendment. No matter how much the political establishment tries to hide away from the issue, a powerful campaign for repeal has exploded on to the scene and will not just ebb away.

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