Monthly Archives: April 2016

Brexit: Oppose capitalist EU with workers’ solidarity

By Kevin Henry The referendum on Britain and Northern Ireland’s membership of the EU is set to be an important political event that will shape political developments in Britain, Ireland and across Europe in the years to come. Socialists want to see a Europe that is run in the interests of the millions not the millionaires. The EU project constitutes ...

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Childcare costs: End the burden of a “second mortgage”

By Emma Quinn Childcare in Ireland is simply unattainable for many working class women and particularly women raising children alone or on low incomes. For families that can or struggle to afford it, monthly childcare costs are a second mortgage. Highest costs in Europe According to the OECD Ireland has the highest cost for childcare in the EU. A crèche ...

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Momentum for abortion rights grows- Repeal the 8th now!

By Monika Janas The general election has come and gone and the 8th Amendment is still here, in case you were wondering. Warm and cosy in the constitution where it has the power to strip women of their bodily autonomy and make them into incubators. Despite this, the mood has shifted. Pro-choice sentiment grows Political parties are finding it more ...

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