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Greece: New Left force launched following Tsipras’ betrayal

Interview with Andreas Payiatsos, Xekinima (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Greece), by Lucy Redler, After 43 Syriza MPs (out of 149) refused to back the third memorandum package in mid-August, Tsipras resigned as Prime Minister. His plan was to strengthen his support with fresh elections, due to the fact that many Greeks still support the government, because the ...

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Kurdistan: Democratic autonomy or socialism?

Articles on Öcalan’s ideas and Rojava, originally published in, the quaterly magazine of SAV (German section of the CWI) Below we publish translated, reworked and updated versions of two articles originally published in German in the issue 26 of the quaterly magazine of SAV (sister party of the Socialist Party in Germany), The first article, written by Claus ...

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Corbyn challenge shows political upheaval in Britain

As the Labour Party prepares to send out ballot papers to the over 610,000 people registered to vote in its leadership contest, “The Socialist” asked Socialist Party (Sister party of the Socialist Party in England & Wales) executive committee member Judy Beishon some questions on the Socialist Party’s view of Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge so far. Why has Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge in the ...

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Interview with a Greek socialist: Which way forward for the left in Greece?

Below is an interview with Andros Payiatsos from Xekinima, the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Greece given in the aftermath of the capitulation of the Tsipras government to the demands of the Troika: What is the mood amongst Greek workers and youth? Immediately after Tsipras signed the memorandum, which we had anticipated, because he had been making one concession ...

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ICTU must back non-payment

By Stephen Boyd ICTU’s biennial conference passed a motion opposing the implementation of water charges. However, this decision was opposed by the leaderships of two of the biggest unions, SIPTU and IMPACT. O’Connor parrots FG / LP propaganda SIPTU president and leading Labour Party member, Jack O’Connor once again showed how removed he is from the reality of the lives ...

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Market failure sees homelessness sky rocket

By Dave Murphy The government’s failure to act on the homelessness crisis means the situation has now gotten so bad that at a recent meeting of Dublin City Council it was revealed that there is an €18.5m black-hole in its emergency accommodation budget. Rent controls now! In June alone, 65 families were made homeless in Dublin. This is due to ...

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