‘Gardaí score another own goal’ with 4 more Jobstown arrests

Four more people have been arrested in relation to the Jobstown protest which saw Paul Murphy TD arrested yesterday.

Paul Murphy TD said: “Today four more people have been arrested in relation to the protest. They were treated to the same heavy handed tactics of having numerous Garda arrive at their door in the early hours of the morning.

“The Gardaí scored a massive own goal yesterday and have scored another one today with these arrests. One of those arrested is a 16 year old who unbelievably had 10 Gardaí arrive at his door.

“According to some of the media the Gardaí plan to arrest up to 40 people in relation to the protest. With four people yesterday and four people today, is this the beginning of a period of 10 days of dawn raids on peaceful protestors? Are the Gardaí planning to make an example of up to forty people to send a political message to the rest of the country that it’s not okay to protest? This is political policing.”