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Mass non-payment can bury this charge

This government is in trouble on the issue of the water charges and now they know it. 1 million unreturned forms will all add to a sense of frenzied panic in the corridors of Leinster House. They fear that this massive revolt will turned into massive non-payment of these charges and they are right.

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Obituary: Benny Adams (1949-2014)

Benjamin (Benny) Adams died after a long illness on October 6th 2014 at the early age of 65. Benny was active in the Militant, the forerunner of Socialist Party in Ireland, from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s. For most of that time he worked full-time as a political organiser. Benny came from a large family-he had seven brothers and sisters-and ...

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Fighting oppression – a Marxist viewpoint

Marxism is a philosophy and world view that seeks to materially analyse reality. Although it was not possible for Marx and Engels themselves to adequately address all questions of oppression, as well as other issues in their writings, they did specifically address women's oppression, racism linked to slavery and imperialism, and also the oppression of national groups, such as the Irish.

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10,000 March in Limerick with message: “No way, we won’t pay!”

A massive protest of 10,000 marched through Limerick city on October 25th against water charges. The demonstration was wholly organised by the We Won’t Pay Campaign. The dominant theme was unquestionably support for a campaign of mass non-payment with chants of “No way, we won’t pay!” echoing throughout the streets of Limerick for hours as the march passed. Not only ...

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Denis O’Brien’s answer to a question that nobody asked

Another Sunday morning and yet again we see the mainstream media giving a massive plug for the Reform Alliance. Yesterday’s (October 19) Sunday Times  headline boldly announced: “Creighton Seeks recruits for new party”. But the article underneath was a long list of TDs and groups who would not be supporting the new party, one TD who may support it and one ...

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