Monthly Archives: September 2014

Film Review: ‘Pride’

The film Pride is set against the backdrop of the miners’ strike during the Thatcher era in the 1980s. It is a light-hearted comedy that manages to give an uplifting sense of solidarity between the miners on strike and the LGBT community. The film opens with the Solidarity Forever anthem and this message is echoed throughout the film. Despite the ...

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Are Sinn Fein a genuine left alternative?

The Local and European Elections last May revealed a massive rejection of austerity by working class people and a huge desire for a political alternative. In this context Sinn Féin have made huge gains and were clearly seen by many as a left and anti-austerity force. Sinn Féin use their platform in the Dáil to attack the government for its ...

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Joe Higgins on how water charges were beaten in 1996

In December 1996, the now Labour Party Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin – at that time Minister for the Environment in a Fine Gael/Labour Coalition government – announced the national abolition of Water Charges. This was a huge victory for the power of ordinary working class people, who had actively supported a massive three year campaign of boycott, protests ...

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Abortion ban must go

Statement from ROSA to Coalition to Repeal the 8th Conference. ROSA is an anti-capitalist, pro-choice women’s rights group, that Socialist Party women members initiated and continue to play a very active role in. The sickening treatment of a young, migrant, highly vulnerable rape victim (Ms Y) by this state has to be a spur to re-develop and to spread an ...

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Paisley’s legacy: peace or bloody division?

How will Ian Paisley, who has died at the age of 88, be remembered? As the firebrand preacher who stoked the fires of conflict in Northern Ireland or as a peacemaker and the partner in government of Martin McGuinness? Many people struggle to make sense of what appear to be entirely contradictory phases in his life. Most of the media, ...

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Scotland: 1.6 million vote Yes in a working class revolt against austerity

In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment, the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of more than 1.6 million people in Scotland, overwhelmingly from the working class, securing 45%. No won with 55%. According to the YouGov polling organisation support for independence stood at 24% in January 2014. This increased by 21% in nine ...

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