Monthly Archives: January 2014

Environment: Profit-fuelled global warming

To develop a carbon-neutral global economy, economic and political power must be taken out of the hands of the ‘noxious 90’, writes Manny Thain. Predictably, empty words were all that came out of the UN-sponsored climate talks in Warsaw – the 19th climate summit since Rio 1992. Despite the latest IPCC report that the threat is even greater than previously ...

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Review: Christmas 1914 – when troops stopped fighting

A small antidote to the misinformation about World War One the ruling class will unleash. We are on the cusp of the hundredth anniversary of the first world war and the British ruling class and its scribes in the media will be releasing a nauseating avalanche of jingoistic propaganda to hide the true realities of the war. This is a ...

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Landlords enriched by government propping up private rent sector

Market Solutions to housing crisis have failed – programme of affordable state provided accommodation to buy or rent is needed Responding to the figures made available today showing the extent to which the landlord class continue to be enriched by rent supplement payments, amounting to €400 million in 2012, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin Paul Murphy said: That 20 landlords ...

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