European Elections: Get active in campaign to elect Paul Murphy MEP

The European elections in May come at an important time. Every time we turn on the TV or read the papers we will see the government and many of their friends in the right wing press trumpeting a “recovery” in the economy. However, where is the recovery for working people who are suffering under viscous neo-liberal austerity policies? Emigration is at record levels, our public services are at breaking point, despite the smoke and mirrors from the Labour Party social welfare is being slashed, there is a housing crisis with soaring rents and house prices, unemployment is high and the only jobs available are low paid with yellow pack conditions.

Even the establishment admits that Ireland can’t grow or recover significantly unless there is sustained economic growth internationally. This exposes Ireland’s fundamental weakness but also means there isn’t a prospect of real recovery here. All they have to offer is a joyless recovery and a Dickensian future.

There is an urgent necessity to cut through the lies and spin and to fight for a real political and economic alternative. That is why Paul Murphy’s challenge to the establishment, in particular to Fine Gael and Labour, in next May’s European Elections is so important.

We need to turn next May’s Local and European Elections into a referendum against austerity and Labour and Fine Gael. A victory for Paul Murphy in the European election in Dublin would send a clear and strong signal that austerity must end. His election and the election of genuine anti austerity and left candidates in the Local elections can serve to boost the movement against austerity and create massive political pressure to stop austerity.  However, it would also be a platform to fight for a new broad left movement that can advocate a genuine democratic socialist alternative.

Since replacing Joe Higgins as an MEP, Paul Murphy has been one of the clearest and strongest voices against austerity. Paul played a key role in fighting the Austerity Treaty and in exposing the attacks on democratic rights that are a key part of EU policy.

Young people are particular victims of the economic crisis. The scourge of forced emigration must be resisted. Paul has been fighting on these issues inside and outside the Parliament. He has led the opposition to free labour schemes such as JobBridge; launching the campaign ScamBridge, which has been to the fore in challenging the gross exploitation of the unemployed and has been demanding real jobs, education or training. Paul was a leading member of the campaign that fought the household and property taxes, and is committed to fight the water tax.

Paul has been a leading the voices of opposition to the oppression of the Palestinian people and was even jailed by the Israeli state for his participation in the “Freedom Flotilla”. Paul has also used his position in the Parliament to take up countless human rights issues, from Kazakhstan, to Colombia, to Sri Lanka.

As an MEP Paul has been using the position to assist the struggle of people fighting back against the troika’s policies and has spoken at meetings, rallies, strikes and demonstrations across Europe.

Paul is a real socialist who won’t sell-out and will fight to the very end on the issues. He will be the strongest challenger to the establishment in next May’s European Election and the candidate best placed to defeat them and achieve a breakthrough for young people and workers.

Unlike the parties of the political establishment who can rely on the deep pockets of their big business backers, Paul Murphy and the Socialist Party will need ordinary people volunteering to help out in the campaign in order to get the anti austerity message out.

How you can help

The European elections on 22 May will give people the opportunity to send a message to the Irish establishment that we reject austerity by electing Paul Murphy and putting a fighter for the working class in the European Parliament.

To maintain this seat will be a huge victory for workers, the unemployed and young people across Ireland and internationally. The position will provide a platform to campaign against austerity and fight for a socialist future. To win the seat will be a huge task. The campaign will need to get the active support of people across Dublin. Any help, no matter how big or small, can play a role in the campaign.

  • Can you help us to canvass, or drop leaflets? Even on your own road?
  • Can you become an advocate for Paul Murphy by talking to your family, friends and workmates about why they should vote for him.
  • Can you become involved in street activities, or help us to organise meetings in your local area?
  • Could you hold a fund raising event to help support our campaign?
  • Do you have digital design skills, or can you help promote the campaign on social media?
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Alternatively you can email, find us on Facebook, or contact 01-6795030.