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Food: Scoffing on profits

"Please sir, may I have some more?" It’s not just Dickensian orphans who have to fight for the most basic staple - food. Even in the ’advanced’ capitalist countries, the profit system is incapable of providing people with a balanced diet. looks at the effect of capitalism on food and socialist solutions.

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Explaining the massacre – capitalism still rules in South Africa

The shocking massacre last on 16 August, of 34 miners at the Lonmin company’s platinum mine in Marikana, exposes in all its brutality the nature of the ‘new’ South Africa dominated politically by the African National Congress (ANC) since the 1994 general election which marked the sweeping away of the barbaric apartheid system.

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WikiLeaks: The case of Julian Assange

On the world stage, the case of Julian Assange is about U.S. imperialism’s need to punish WikiLeaks. There is no doubt that the Swedish state and the government would be happy to assist the US. However, the case is also about serious allegations of rape, which must be investigated.

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Hong Kong: 15 years since the return to Chinese rule

On 1 July, as Hong Kong marks the 15th anniversary since its return to Chinese rule, a massive anti-government demonstration will take place. Last year more than 200,000 took part in what, since 2003, has become an annual event. This shows how strained are relations between the central government in Beijing and the Hong Kong ‘special administrative region’ it regained from Britain in 1997.

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Kenny’s talk is cheap – his system makes children suffer

Enda Kenny announced last week that the Irish government would use their presidency of the EU Council in the first 6 months of next year to target the prevention of global child hunger. The announcement was made at a conference on the issue called by British Tory Prime Minister David Cameron who will lead the G8 next year.

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Syria: Civil war – a poisonous cocktail of interests

The suffering people of Syria stand on the brink of a precipice. Each day brings new evidence that a sectarian conflagration of terrible proportions can ensue, unless a force emerges which could hold out a realistic prospect of uniting its 22 million people through offering a new dispensation. This would be one where the wealth and stewardship of the nation would be democratically invested in them rather than be the subject of warring factions led by local elites and sponsored by cynical international interests.

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