Socialist Party comment on the report of Oireachtas Committee on Members Interests regarding Mick Wallace TD

The failure of Mick Wallace to provide certain information to the Oireachtas Committee on Members’ Interests of Dáil Eireann and his failure to deal with the controversy regarding his under declaration and non payment of VAT in a fully open manner will only raise questions amongst ordinary working class people.

When this issue first broke, the Socialist Party forthrightly condemned Mick Wallace’s actions and uniquely, we also called for him not to use limited liability or company law to avoid his personal responsibility to fully pay the €2.1 million settlement to the Revenue Commissioners.

It seems that Mick Wallace has not fully registered the significance of his wrong doing, the anger it has caused or his responsibility as a public representative to deal with the issues properly and fully.

Mick Wallace has been attacked by some in the media in a personalised and completely inappropriate way over the last month. We have and will continue to condemn such an approach. However, his own actions and failures to respond to this controversy are undermining his credibility.

The Socialist Party believes Mick Wallace, as a public figure, should put all the necessary information relating to the circumstances of his non-payment of VAT and his dealings with the Revenue Commissioners into the public domain. Furthermore, we restate that he must take seriously his responsibility to fully pay back the Revenue Commissioners as soon as possible.

It has been stated that Mick Wallace’s bank creditors have first call and control on his income or assets and not the tax payers or the state. In no circumstances should banks be allowed to deny the Revenue Commissioners the €2.1 million due. Mick Wallace should not just bring his Dáil salary, but also any other incomes he may have or other assets he may own or co-own, to bear in meeting his debts to the Revenue Commissioners.