Mahon Report: Majority in society pay price for corruption and dishonesty

The report of the Mahon Tribunal is a damning indictment of the corrupt nexus between developers and establishment politicians, especially from Fine Fail.

It will serve to remind people of the scandalous rezonings and related bribery that came to light 15 years ago and the disastrous effects on proper planning in greater Dublin.

The publication of the Mahon Report at this time will also lead people to draw a correct conclusion that the disastrous crash in the Irish economy is a direct result of the inordinate power and influence afforded by the FF/PD Government to speculators, developers and major financiers. Their profiteering and the massive house prices they extorded inevitably crashed the construction industry with disastrous consequences for the economy. They are directly responsible for the crisis today.

The disastrous austerity policies carried on by the Fine Gael / Labour Government from their predecessors are wrecking society as evidenced in massive unemployment, cuts in services and a raft of attacks on living standards through wage cuts and stealth taxes. The Household Tax is but the latest attack on ordinary people arising from the crisis. The Mahon Report will increase the anger among the huge swathe of people opposed to this tax and will strenghten the boycott against it.