Monthly Archives: February 2012

Iran: War clouds gather

War clouds are gathering, once again, over the Middle East. Heightening tensions over the last months between the US and its allies and Iran have seen covert assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, cyber warfare, attacks on Iranian military and missile installations, and a build-up of Western forces in the region and speculation of military preparations for air attacks on Iran.

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Greece: solidarity visit – Day 3

On Friday 24 February, the official GUE/NGL delegation was over and I spent the day with members of Xekinima (the Socialist Party’s sister party in Greece) visiting and discussing with different groups of workers in struggle.

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Criminal policies of privatisation

The decision by the government to sell off €3 billion worth of state assets is arguably the most economically and socially criminal of the many criminal policies implemented in this State over the past three years in the interest of salvaging the financial system in Europe from the consequences of the speculative activities of its big players. It is the wrong policy at any time but most especially at a time of major crisis in the Irish economy due to a collapse of demand and a related collapse in private investment in job creation.

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SNP’s independent capitalist Scotland – No solution for working class

A referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent country will take place in the autumn of 2014. The Scottish National Party (SNP) government in Edinburgh is currently conducting a consultation process, including as to whether 16 and 17 year-olds should get a vote and whether a question on maximum devolution should be included.

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