Come to the United Left Alliance National Forum

Fianna Fail and their cronies in big business have wrecked the country. However, Fine Gael and Labour have shown that they represent more of the same. As much as they try to blame the old government for the crisis, they are responsible for continuing the disastrous bailouts and have promised further unfair taxes, privatisations and cuts in jobs and public services.

The United Left Alliance, which was launched last November, made a significant breakthrough with five TDs elected in February. The attacks of this government and the role of Labour in particular poses more starkly than ever the need for real political representation for ordinary people.

The groups and individuals who came together to launch the ULA are confident that it can grow significantly by both fighting the attacks alongside people in the communities and the workplaces, but also by having policies that respond to the crisis and not at our expense!

The ULA National Forum will discuss developing those ideas and policies but also the next steps in turning the ULA into a new mass working class party.

Building a new party for working people, youth and the unemployed

Come to the Forum on Saturday 25th of June in Liberty Hall. Book online here.