Limerick City: Cian Prendiville

Cian Prendiville has been active on many issues in Limerick. Cian helped organise student protests against fees in UL. He has actively assisted workers at Dell, Mr Binman and Element 6 fight on issues from pay cuts to redundancies.

Cian has also been campaigning for the unemployed to get organised to fight dole cuts and fight for jobs.

Cian is the Limerick organiser of the Campaign for a Real Public Health Service, which fought against the downgrading of St. John’s A&E and the centralisation of services and organised a significant protests at the    hospital in November 2008.

At 21, Cian may well be the youngest candidate in the country meaning he’s aware of the pressures young people are under which are forcing over a 1,000 to emigrate each week. However, Cian is standing in order to represent all working class people in Limerick providing a clear, committed and real left alternative.