Dublin West: Joe Higgins

Joe Higgins is a longtime fighter for the rights of ordinary people. He led the successful campaign against the threatened closure of Blanchardstown Hospital in the late 1980s; served on Dublin and Fingal County Councils in the 1990s, fighting corrupt rezonings and bad planning and was Chairman of the successful Dublin Anti Water Charges Campaign.

Joe was elected to the Dail in 1997 and was known as the ‘real opposition’ to the FF/PD government. He was sent to Mountjoy Jail for a month in 2003 for leading a campaign of opposition to the Bin Tax.

Narrowly losing the Dail seat in Dublin West in 2007, Joe Higgins was spectacularly elected to the European Parliament in 2009 and has been a strong voice there on many issues. If elected to the Dail, Joe will cease to be a Member of the European Parliament and will be a full time TD for Dublin West.