Carlow/Kilkenny: Conor Mac Liam

Conor Mac Liam is a teacher and has lived in Kilkenny with his family for over 20 years.

When his wife Susie Long, who died of cancer in October 2007, became ill, both she and Conor actively highlighted the crisis in cancer services and struggled for a decent public health service for all.

Today, there is still no day unit in St Luke’s to carry out timely colonoscopies. There is still not one hospice in the whole of the South-East!

Conor has bravely campaigned on these issues. Now lives are being put at risk by dire cutbacks. Conor’s electoral challenge as a principled campaigner who rejects the government and EU/IMF austerity cuts, is  the strongest possible rejection of the failures of this government’s health policy and for better health care facilities in the South East.

Conor is an active trade unionist and is a member of the ASTI.