Lisbon Treaty Amendment: Joe Higgins MEP Demands a Referendum in Ireland

Speaking today in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Socialist Party MEP Joe HIggins demanded a referendum in Ireland on any proposed amendment to the Lisbon Treaty to give the EU powers to impose punitive conditions on member states which seek financial assistance.

Joe Higgins said in Parliament:
‘Today in Brussels, the European Council will most likely agree to amend the Lisbon Treaty providing for the creation of a “permanent stability mechanism” which would involve the granting of financial assistance subject to strict conditionality. What this means is the institutionalisation of the doctrine that society must pay for the financial crisis.

‘In Ireland and Greece we see the reality that such mechanisms are to bail out a crisis ridden financial systemn dominated by speculators at the expense of working people, pensioners and the poor.

‘The Irish Government has already turned our country into a vassal State of the IMF which is acting blatantly on behalf of the speculators in the financial markets.

‘I warn the Irish Goverfnment not to think it can foist this on the Irish people without a referendum. We demand a referendum on any change to the Lisbon Treaty so that the Irish people will have an opportunity to resist being turned into permanent serfs of the financial markets at the behest of the EU Institutions.