Join the Socialist Party in your college

Sociologists, economists and other commentators have prophesised that, as a result of this crisis our generation can look forward to a life with a lower standard of living than our parents. The establishment are determined to make us young people pay for their greed and corruption, with a future of cutbacks, unemployment and emigration.

There is therefore, literally no alternative left for us other than to organise and build a serious fightback. A fightback not just directed against the bankers, speculators and right-wing governments who have bankrupted the country, but rather a fightback against the ideologically, morally and economically bankrupt system of capitalism.

There are many battles that will have to be fought in the coming years if we want to challenge the injustice of a system that puts the accumulation of wealth for a tiny minority, over the needs everything else. The Socialist Party and Socialist Youth will be at the fore in all of those battles. We have an unrivalled record of tackling and campaigning on key issues such as racism, sexism, war and exploitation. We oppose all the cutbacks in funding for education. We played a key role in the national FEE campaign that opposed the reintroduction of third level fees and will do so again when the time comes.

But more than that, we have the ideas to take on this system, smash the right-wing propaganda and most importantly, offer an alternative that can make rapid strides towards increased living standards, real social equality, economic and political democracy and a sustainable environment. This alternative is socialism and far from being outdated or impossible, socialism is the future. Join the Socialist Party / Socialist Youth society in your college now and find out how you can contribute to the movement that will change the world!