What you can do

EU Protest Poster FINAL   Fonts Across Europe, the bosses and right-wing governments are trying to make ordinary people pay the price for their crisis. Workers and young people need to link up the many struggles taking place into co-ordinated, united action against attacks on our wages, conditions and futures. The 21-26 June will see a Europe-Wide week of Protest and Solidarity against the bosses’ onslaught with protests, pickets and public meetings being organised in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Greece, Denmark, Cyprus, Italy & Sweden.


Help build for a major mobilisation in Ireland against the neoliberal policies of the Fianna Fáil / Green Party government as well as showing your solidarity with working people throughout Europe in their struggles.

  • Join the demonstration at 1pm on Saturday, 26 June at Central Bank Plaza, Dublin
  • Ask your union branch, campaign or community group, residents’ association to endorse the protest and to bring along banners, flags etc.
  • Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to come along
  • Contact us to get leaflets and posters advertising the protest 01-6795030 / 26juneprotest@gmail.com