Statement of Socialists in Israel condemning massacre of flotilla peace activists

Here is a translated and a slightly edited statement posted early on 31 May 2010 on the website of Tnua’t Maavak Sozialisti / Harakat Nidal Eshtaraki – Socialist Struggle Movement –the Committee for a Workers’ International in Israel.

Below we provide an initial response from Socialist Struggle Movement in Israel (CWI) following the killing of protesters during the IDF takeover of the international aid convoy, last night. We call on everyone to participate in demonstrations and protests.

Close to 20 protesters were killed and others wounded last night during a violent, right-wing government-initiated raid against the protestors on the international aid flotilla on Monday, bringing aid to the besieged Gaza Strip. Like previous protests, the demonstrators did not endanger [in any way] the security of Israeli residents. This time, helicopters were sent… missile boats, commando forces, and 200 officials were waiting for them, outside Israel’s official territory, to drive them from Gaza.

The Israeli government cynically disclaims responsibility. But we do not need a ‘commission of inquiry’ to understand that the responsibility for the killing of protestors lies on the shoulders of senior [ministers/officers]. While there is a media blackout on the details, the press tells us that soldiers were attacked in one of the ships with various ‘objects’. But the IDF soldiers did not have to be there. In reality, the army is used to… trample the right to protest.

Ministers, their generals and their kept journalists, are trying to divert attention from the policy of aggression by the destructive, oppressive government of Bibi – Barak – Lieberman, including the siege and occupation of Gaza itself, as well as the wild and racist incitements against the Arab – Palestinian people in Israel. The government of Israel, a warmongering government, which suppresses the Palestinians, also damages the long-term interests of the residents of Israel.

[The Socialist Struggle Movement in Israel proclaims that] the only way out of such disasters and other horrors of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict is the construction of a broad social movement of Israelis and Palestinians unifying Jews and Arabs, against the instigators of “divide and rule”, against the siege and occupation, against all oppression and discrimination, [and which stands for] democratic national rights, equal for all, and for the overthrow of the corrupt capitalist elites in the region.

The Socialist Struggle Movement supports the expansion of the socialist struggle and [will participate in / calls for participation in] the protest demonstrations to be held tonight at in Tel – Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

We urge you to share with us, Jews and Arabs, [the following protests/chants]:
To protest is not ‘terrorism’ – end the siege [of Gaza]Security is not built on demonstrators’ bodies
The racist government – [is the] security threat
[The actions of the Israeli state does] not [make us] ‘safe’; it’s a disaster – the [Israeli] government lies…
Generals and ministers – Stop the killing of demonstrators
End the use of soldiers against civilians
No cover-up…
Jews – refuse to be enemies [of the Palestinians]Invest in education – not siege and occupation
Yes to rehabilitation [of public services for all] [and] medicine – no more wars
End the siege / dismantle settlements / overthrow the ‘wall’ / end separation / smash racism
End the occupation