Stop the slaughter of peace activists by the Israeli Defence Force

News reports have not yet provided a definitive account of the extent of the IDF attack on the flotilla of eight humanitarian aid ships on their way to Gaza. However it is clear that IDF forces have taken over some of the ships and at least 10 unarmed activists have been slaughtered and others injured. There are at least eleven Irish nationals on this flotilla and we do not yet know the condition they are in.

An IDF officer is reported in this morning’s Jerusalem Post describing how IDF paratroopers landing by helicopter on the ships in international waters were ‘ambushed’ by aid workers ‘armed’ with whatever was at hand! It is clear already that language has lost all meaning to the Israeli authorities from emails the Socialist Party from the Israeli Embassy in Dublin late last week defending their position responding to representations we made to them in anticipation of the attacks on the aid flotilla.

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The Israeli government and the IDF commanders order these atrocities safe in the knowledge that their allies in the west will leave them unchallenged. Indeed by welcoming Israel into the OECD last week the Israeli political establishment can now label itself as part of the ‘advanced’ west.

The Socialist Party condemns this attack and demand that that MV Rachael Corrie which left Dundalk harbour this weekend carrying aid for Gaza be allowed to make its journey without harassment. 

While the Israeli government claims to be acting in the interests of the Israeli population it uses methods, like the permanent blockade of Gaza, that are reminiscent of the collective punishment imposed in the past on Jews in the old ghettos of Europe. This Israeli government does not defend the real, long-term interests of Israeli citizens and oppresses the Palestinians. Only a joint movement of ordinary Palestinians and Israeli Jews against the Israeli capitalist state, as fought for by our sister organisation in Israel, Socialist Struggle, can prevent further atrocities and secure democratic rights for all.

The Egyptian government must immediately open its border with Gaza and allow free movement across it.