Tens of thousands of leaflets calling for a ‘No’ vote

Rank and file trade unionists in the public service will have to endure a ceaseless campaign from government and media as well as some trade union leaderships in support of this deal which, if passed, will in fact leave public sector workers in an even worse position than the status quo of pay cuts and penions levies which the trade union leadership was mandated to reverse by ballots taken last year.

Independent initiatives from rank and file trade unionists are already underway in a number of quarters presenting to members a fighting alternative to the Croke Park capitulation. The Socialist Party will also lend its practical support to this groundswell of opposition by distributing tens of thousands of leaflets also making the case for a no vote into public service workplaces throughout the country in the coming days and weeks.

I hope this leaflet and the other independent rank and file initiatives, which highlight the reasons why this deal must be opposed will also feed into a sustained campaign to have the current trade union leaders replaced and a new fighting strategy adopted by the movement.

For copies of the Socialist Party leaflet or to find out how you can campaign against the public sector agreement please contact us at 01 6772592 or email info@socialistparty.net