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Greece – Capitalist austerity must be met with workers’ action!

  • Victory to the Greek and all European workers!
  • Solidarity with Greek general strike on 5 May!
  • For an international day of action!

The recent period has seen the launching of a brutal offensive by capitalist governments, along with the international money markets, aimed at savaging the public services and living standards of working people to pay for the crisis of capitalism, and the massive cost of bailing out the banks and the financial system.

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Tens of thousands of leaflets calling for a ‘No’ vote

Rank and file trade unionists in the public service will have to endure a ceaseless campaign from government and media as well as some trade union leaderships in support of this deal which, if passed, will in fact leave public sector workers in an even worse position than the status quo of pay cuts and penions levies which the trade union leadership was mandated to reverse by ballots taken last year.

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Feature: Health in Crisis

The crisis in our health service is continuing, and in fact is being made worse by the vicious cutbacks being imposed by this government. In this special feature Socialist Party reporters from around the country give a glimpse not just of the crisis, cutbacks and closures, but also of the fightback.

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Socialist Party Leaflet on Public Sector Pay Deal

Here we post the Socialist Party's leaflet advocating a no vote to the public sector pay deal. This leaflet will be distributed to workplaces across the country as part of our campaign to defeat this sell out deal and build a left alternative in the Unions to campaign for democratic, fighting unions. If you can help us distribute the leaflets, please contact us using the details at the bottom of the website.

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Ban all blood sports

The Green Party’s proposed Animal Health and Welfare Bill has been in the spotlight, specifically the proposal to ban stag hunting, which John Gormley says will be enacted in the near future.

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Capitalist splits, workers’ struggle – eurozone in crisis

The economic and social crisis that has exploded in Greece in recent months has exposed not only deep social contradictions within Greek society, but also fundamental problems facing capitalism across Europe. The chasm between the political establishment and the interests of working people in Greece is replicated across Europe.

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