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Italy: Joe Higgins visits NO TAV campaigners

The EU is funding the building of the high speed rail link from Turin to Lyon. This is planned to slice through the Val di Susa, a beautiful valley with a population of around 80,000 in 40 different towns, destroying the environment and endangering the health of local people.

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Palestine: ElJidar Lazem Inhar – “The Wall Must Fall!”

CWI members participate in West Bank protest against "Separation Wall"
One thousand people demonstrated on Friday 19 February, in the Palestinian village Bil`in, in the occupied West Bank, marking 5 years of persistent struggle and weekly demonstrations by the village against the Israeli Separation Fence, which annexes 50% of their land (about 2 square kilometres) for the benefit of the adjacent large ultra-orthodox settlement, Modi`in-`ilit.

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Young Workers underpaid, exploited & fed up

I was always told that if I got a degree, I’d have no trouble finding a well-paid full-time job. I finished college in May, and haven’t been able to find a job, though I have been working part-time in the same pub I’ve been working in since I was sixteen.

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Unions must black Green Isle products

Given that an ICTU all out picket has been obtained, I call on MANDATE and SIPTU who organise workers in the retail and distribution sectors to instruct their members to black Green Isle goods so that they do not even reach the supermarket shelves.

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Irish recession – Is the worst over?

Brian Lenihan introduced the budget for 2010 with the statement that “the worst is over”. This astounding declaration was accompanied by rising unemployment, attacks on public and private sector wages, and the admission that the savagery of the 2010 budget will be matched in 2011 and 2012. There is no question that for working people, the worst is far from over. Part One of a three part article.

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Hangargate! Launch publicly owned company

“It is extraordinary how the media is a willing tool in acting as a bullhorn for Ryananir’s Michael O’Leary in the controversy over his demand to be handed over Hangar 6 at Dublin Airport in order to provide 300 aircraft maintenance jobs".

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