Monthly Archives: December 2009

The socialist alternative to the crisis

WE ALL have to share the pain” has become the mantra of the entire establishment, from right-wing economists and political parties to much of the trade union leadership, as working class people are made to suffer to protect the profits and power of the bosses. This article critiques this orthodoxy and argues that socialist policies offer the only alternative to the vicious attacks of capitalism.

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Global capitalism’s enduring crisis

The dominant feature confronting the world working class and poor is the enduring economic crisis of world capitalism. There is no easy or quick exit for capitalism from the worst economic calamity to confront it since the 1930s.

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Support striking Tesco drivers

Having been suspended without pay by their new employers Stobart, 25 ex Tescos truck drivers (members of SIPTU) have placed a picket on the giant Tesco warehouse in Donabate in North County Dublin.

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A determined fight from unions needed to stop government onslaught

The Budget will, if the Government gets its way, mark the first of four where working people, the unemployed and those who depend on public services will be crucified over an economic crash they did not cause. The palpable anger this is causing in society generally can be seen in the threat by the Garda Representative Association to ballot for industrial action.

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No bailout for real victims of property crash

SARAH BOUGHT her one bedroom apartment in Swords for €300,000- her mortgage repayments are €1,450 a month. When her job relocated down the country, she had little choice but to move. With the apartment now valued at €170,000, she can’t sell it, and has no choice but to rent it out bringing in €750 and leaving her to add another €700 every month.

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