Monthly Archives: September 2009

Lisbon & Workers’ Rights

The issue of how workers' rights, which has been consistently raised by the Socialist Party, is shaping up to be a key issue in this campaign. Here Joe Higgins outlines how Lisbon undermines workers rights.

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Courts back scabs in dockers battle

By Stephen Boyd
Once again the courts have backed the employers in an industrial dispute. Marine Terminals have been granted an injunction by the High Court against their workforce and the trade union movement to stop what it calls the harassment of staff who are continuing to work!

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Capitalism offers Bleak future for Young People

By Ann Katrin Orr,
Ireland is among those most affected by the economic turmoil and young people in the country are being hit particularly hard. The recession has penetrated deep into the lives of young people in Ireland, shutting off avenues and making the future of thousands of young people look grim.

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