Solidarity with the Thomas Cook Occupation

Thomas Cook’s decision to add to the jobs slaughter by closing their shops in Ireland is outrageous. This is a company which is projected to make a profit of £400 million worldwide this year, with over €4 million made in Ireland. Yet the management arrived at 10am yesterday morning and expected the workers to be gone in less than an hour.

However, the workers have not given in so easily. Their heroic occupation should be supported by all. They are taking a crucial stand against their scandalous treatment by this profitable company.

Socialist Party MEP, Joe Higgins has given his support, saying “I urge all working people to show their support. One only needs to look at the stark difference in treatment of the CEO and the workers to see the agenda that is being pursued here. Thomas Cook’s CEO recently received a 34% pay rise and a seven million euro bonus for boosting profits by slashing thousands of jobs in Britain. Yet the low paid workers are to be thrown onto the dole, with minimum redundancy pay and no notice.”

Not content with their significant profits, this company want to push them up even further at the expense of workers’ livelihoods by consolidation and shutting of shops. The workers’ occupation is vital to resisting this agenda.

The High Court order for workers to end their occupation and the threat of Garda action is a disgrace. The Gardai must not be used against these workers and there attempt to defend their livelihoods.

As the Socialist Party Councillors stated in a press release: “The trade union movement must mobilise to prevent the Gardai being used against these workers. Supporters and trade union activists should come to the offices to support the workers’ action and defend the occupation against any attempt to force them out.”

We urge everyone reading this site to make every effort to go down to the site to show your solidarity. This is an important battle for all as the occupiers are taking an heroic stand against the sort of treatment which many workers now face.